2015 Minnesota State High School Boys Hockey Tournament Preview

March Madness as its traditionally called is all about the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Millions of Americans form their own office pools or participate in online tournaments based on how well they set their brackets with the hope of predicting the outcome and gaining some kind of monetary award.  Its a fool’s errand for most […]


3rd and 4th lines power Wild to 4-2 win in Nashville

Well considering that things didn’t go quite accordingly to plan on Tuesday night against Edmonton, tonight needs to be a re-set game. Tonight is the night to take a deep breath, focus, and put Tuesday night behind you. Of course, it doesn’t help that the Minnesota Wild have to re-set against not only the best […]


Lackluster effort by Wild dooms them to 2-1 loss against Oilers

As one of my fellow members of the Wild message boards said today, the “Minnesota Wild Cupcakes Tour 2015″ ends tonight. The thinking is that, this is just about the last “should win” with a vast sea of “must wins” still before us. And even amongst those “must wins” are still a few “should wins.” […]


Six Goal 3rd Period Powers Wild to 6-2 Victory Over Dallas

As a person gets older you sort of learn its easier and often less stressful to let arguments and disagreements go.  That the small little annoyances in life (i.e. traffic, waiting in line) its simply not worth getting worked up about.   Yet you still hold on to certain pains and you continue to keep […]


Dubnyk earns fifth Wild shutout with 4-0 win in Edmonton

Have you ever had a moment where you have to make up your own word, simply because there isn’t an appropriate word to express how you’re feeling? Most of us have. Sometimes, we take a word and then add on a prefix or suffix to make it something new. Sometimes we string together several words […]


Dumba, Koivu bail out Wild in 3-2 Overtime Road Victory Over Calgary

Bad ice, jet leg, poor officiating are all excuses fans that are in denial give aplenty after a loss.  I heard those excuses given after the Wild’s 3-2 loss to the Vancouver Canucks on Monday night.  As a coach I hate them.  They are more often than not only a smokescreen for poor play.  The […]