Holiday time means hockey tournament time across the State of Hockey

So after you've loaded up on a delicious Christmas meal and with oodles of other related sweets and delicacies of the season thousands of Minnesota hockey fans will be making their way to the local rinks.  With the 'Winter Break' is an opportunity for communities all across the state to host all kinds of High […]

My 12 F%*k You’s of Christmas to the NHL and NHLPA I have to admit, I've gone over the edge.  I am tired of it all.  I am sick and tired of hearing about possible meetings and possible actions.  I just want a conclusion and I'm not talking about the 'fiscal cliff' either.  I of course am talking about the NHL lockout which has trampled […]

Are you there NHL and NHLPA? It’s me (insert your name here).

Once upon a time, I was a geeky fifth grade girl.  About that age, everything begins to change such as your friends, bodies and even the school you attend.  Thankfully, I was spared the horror of attending a middle or junior high school, as I lived in a small town and our two schools were […]

Wild goaltender, Josh Harding, diagnosed with MS

  When most fans logged on to their hockey websites of choice today to see if there were any updates regarding the lockout, I doubt any of us expected to see the headline that Minnesota Wild goaltender Josh Harding was diagnosed with muscular sclerosis.  We've been hoping for good news for weeks now, and instead […]

Could Tyler Graovac be the next great coup by the Minnesota Wild?

  Sometimes you just get lucky.  Maybe its something simple at finding money on the ground, or scratching off a winning lottery ticket.  Or perhaps its finding something you thought you lost a long time ago.  What makes it fun is the unexpected discovery, even if its something you owned the fact did not think […]

NHLPA shows shortsighted vision in rejecting NHL’s latest offer

If you’ve spent much time at the workplace, you have probably gone to a meeting or two over that span.  In fact, you’ve probably spent more time at than you’ve wanted to.  Some meetings can be a complete waste of time where you are stuck listening to a bunch of pointless rhetoric and others can […]

Should NHL fans be excited about the league’s latest 50/50 proposal?

The long awaited showdown has finally arrived.  Media people are poised to cover the story, to gather the quotes and soundbites.  The big proposal has finally been delivered and now the fun and speculation begin.  No, I am not talking about the Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  While millions will no doubt […]