Wheeler and the Jets too much for the Wild in crazy 6-4 road loss

Everyone could use a bit of a refresh.  Most of the time, the holidays gives working folks a chance to catch their breath, get back in touch with their families and just maybe a little time to relax and recharge as a new year is about to begin.  The State of Hockey News certainly hopes […]

Rangers blitz the Wild with 4 unanswered goals for 4-1 victory

One thing I've learned as I've gotten older, is that it gives you a sense of perspective of how things change over time.  The older you are, the more perspective you gain as you can compare and contrast current events to ones from the past.  In the hockey world, there are very few people I […]

Botched 5-on-3 haunts Wild in 5-2 loss to Pittsburgh

A few days ago, if you follow me on Twitter @StateofHckyNews you may have noticed my little battle with The Hockey News.  I was criticizing The Hockey News' Twitter feed for its Eastern Conference bias as they 'covered' the Chicago Blackhwks game against the Philadelphia Flyers.  This was a game which the defending Stanley Cup […]