Lightning strikes twice – on the same Pengeluaran Sgp day!

Pengeluaran Sgp

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place. Or the same person. But on March 6, Betty M. did just that when she won two successive CashSplash jackpots!

Betty’s first strike was at the Fatcatz Casino, where she hit a jackpot of $35,497.35. Picture the scene – three CashSplash symbols line up on her monitor, she screams for joy and wakes up the neighbors, then goes to the market to buy a bottle of Dom Perignon to celebrate her win – all the while Fatcatz and Microgaming officials are verifying the win.


She gets back home, pops the cork (hopefully with lots of friends and family around)… and says “What the heck, let’s spend a bit more of that hard-earned jackpot and give someone else a chance to have some excitement…”


So she cashes out her win at Fatcatz, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, making sure all the details are taken care of, and logs out. Then she decides to wind down a bit, so she kicks up the Home Casino software and starts playing a little more CashSplash, when…


Ching… ching… CHING!


Three CashSplash symbols lined up AGAIN!


Betty didn’t give anyone a chance to put any money back into the CashSplash… her second win was for $5,777.28, probably less than an hour after she won her first jackpot! No rushing to the market… she hasn’t finished her first glass of champagne!


Now the story is maybe a figment of my imagination, but the two jackpots are not. Not unless two different Betty M. people exist… or else Microgaming’s CashSplash page has a mistake… either way I’d say the chances are far less than being struck by lightning!


Hey Betty! Congratulations… but let’s share the wealth, shall we? I’ll settle for a glass of Dom.


Red Herrings spotted – too good to be true?

As I prepare tons of new content for this wonderful new site, I’ve been scouring the net looking at plenty of sites, whether they be competition, friends, casinos, sportsbooks – whatever – anything related to online gambling I have probably already seen.


I had noticed one of the sites which you might call a competitor – they don’t know of us yet – which does reviews of casinos and updates its top ten on a monthly basis. A week ago I skimmed it and filed it for further reference, but today one of my colleagues sent me a link back to this site, so I decided what the hey… let’s go have a closer look at it.


And guess what I found – not one, but two red Pengeluaran Sgp herrings. Enough to make people think that they are being impartial in the reviews, or so they think – but the other 8 in the top 10 are either owned by or managed by the same company! I find it extremely hard to believe that that particular 8, all running Microgaming software, are head and shoulders above the others (one of the 2 remaining also happens to run Microgaming).


Could it be that this competitor’s review site is being run by the same company that is running the casinos, or is there something else we should know?


I’m going to keep quiet… for now. You guys figure out for yourselves which site I’m talking about. Maybe I’m wrong – maybe I’m imagining things. But it just so happens that I am trying to gather comprehensive information on each and every Microgaming casino in operation today so it’s a big red FLAG to me.


I’m not going to deny that if you click on my links and send some money to that casino I might benefit from it – but don’t be misled – not all of my links are affiliated. Some – in fact most – carry an identifier just because I want that casino to know who is sending them visitors.


I am currently carrying no sponsored advertising. I am only affiliated with two casino programs so far – Casino Coins and River Belle/Lucky Nugget. And despite all of this I promise you that my reviews will be fair and honest to the best of my ability – because that’s what you, the gambler, deserves.


Beware other reviews! Just as a matter of note, the casinos reviewed by the competition are probably all good casinos – I’ve only visited two of them personally up to now (believe it or not, the two which are NOT linked together), but I don’t like being led into what I perceive to be a web of deceit. You are hereby warned!