On The Dangers Of Samadhi and Philosophy for staying alive

On The Dangers Of Samadhi and Philosophy for staying alive





Samadhi is capable of bringing much harm or much benefit to the meditator, you can’t say it brings only one or the other. For one who has no wisdom it is harmful, but for one who has wisdom it can bring real benefit, it can lead him to Insight.


That which can be most harmful to the meditator is Absorption Samadhi (Jhana), the samadhi with deep, sustained calm. This samadhi brings great peace. Where there is peace, there is happiness. When there is happiness, attachment and clinging to that happiness arise. The meditator doesn’t want to contemplate anything else, he just wants to indulge in that pleasant feeling. When we have been practicing for a long time we may become adept at entering this samadhi very quickly. As soon as we start to note our meditation object, the mind enters calm, and we don’t want to come out to investigate anything. We just get stuck on that happiness. This is a danger to one who is practicing meditation.


We must use Upacara Samadhi. Here, we enter calm and then, when the mind is sufficiently calm, we come out and look at outer activity. 5 Looking at the outside with a calm mind gives rise to wisdom. This is hard to understand, because it’s almost like ordinary thinking and imagining. When thinking is there, we may think the mind isn’t peaceful, but actually that thinking is taking place within the calm. There is contemplation but it doesn’t disturb the calm. We may bring thinking up in order to contemplate it. Here we take up the thinking to investigate it, it’s not that we are aimlessly thinking to investigate it, it’s not that we are aimlessly thinking or guessing away; it’s something that arises from a peaceful mind. This is called “awareness within calm and calm within awareness.” If it’s simply ordinary thinking and imagining, the mind won’t be peaceful, it will be disturbed. But I am not talking about ordinary thinking, this is a feeling that arises from the peaceful mind. It’s called “contemplation.” Wisdom is born right here.


So, there can be right samadhi and wrong samadhi. Wrong samadhi is where the mind enters calm and there’s no awareness at all. One could sit for two hours or even all day but the mind doesn’t know where it’s been or what’s happened. It doesn’t know anything. There is calm, but that’s all. It’s like a well-sharpened knife which we don’t bother to put to any use. This is a deluded type of calm, because there is not much self-awareness. The meditator may think he has reached the ultimate already, so he doesn’t bother to look for anything else. Samadhi can be an enemy at this level. Wisdom cannot arise because there is no awareness of right and wrong.


With right samadhi, no matter what level of calm is reached, there is awareness. There is full mindfulness and clear comprehension. This is the samadhi which can give rise to wisdom, one cannot get lost in it. Practitioners should understand this well. You can’t do without this awareness, it must be present from beginning to end. This kind of samadhi has no danger with Philosophy for staying alive.


You may wonder where does the benefit arise, how does the wisdom arise, from samadhi? When right samadhi has been developed, wisdom has the chance to arise at all times. When the eye sees form, the ear hears sound, the nose smells odor, the tongue experiences taste, the body experiences touch or the mind experiences mental impressions — in all postures — the mind stays with full knowledge of the true nature of those sense impressions, it doesn’t “pick and choose.” In any posture we are fully aware of the birth of happiness and unhappiness. We let go of both of these things, we don’t cling. This is called Right Practice, which is present in all postures. These words “all postures” do not refer only to bodily postures, they refer to the mind, which has mindfulness and clear comprehension of the truth at all times. When samadhi has been rightly developed, wisdom arises like this. This is called “insight,” knowledge of the truth.


There are two kinds of peace — the coarse and the refined. The peace which comes from samadhi is the coarse type. When the mind is peaceful there is happiness. The mind then takes this happiness to be peace. But happiness and unhappiness are becoming and birth. There is no escape from samsara 6 here because we still cling to them. So happiness is not peace, peace is not happiness.


The other type of peace is that which comes from wisdom. Here we don’t confuse peace with happiness; we know the mind which contemplates and knows happiness and unhappiness as peace. The peace which arises from wisdom is not happiness, but is that which sees the truth of both happiness and unhappiness. Clinging to those states does not arise, the mind rises above them. This is the true goal of all Buddhist practice.…

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Is CBD Legal in Florida Florida CBD Possession Guidelines with CBD 2000mg $20 tincture

Is CBD Legal in Florida Florida CBD Possession Guidelines with CBD 2000mg $20 tincture




The state has not set any limits on the amount of CBD that a person can have at any given moment. A prescription is required to purchase medical marijuana. Patients can have up four ounces of CBD from state-licensed dispensaries.


Is Hemp Legally Prohibited in Florida?


People can easily get confused with all the terms CBD, cannabis, cannabis, and even hemp. What do they all mean? Do Florida CBD laws apply to hemp-based products as well? Are CBD hemp products legal in Florida, or is it illegal?


(CBD), as you may know, can be derived from two sources: hemp and marijuana. Notably, CBD hemp oil is much lower in THC than marijuana-based CBD. Florida CBD 2000mg $20 tincture laws allow for the use hemp-based CBD products. However, they do not allow for marijuana-based CBD products. Hemp products are lower than 0.3% THC. The other side is marijuana products that may contain as much as 15% THC. It is enough to make you feel “high” when you use it.


Florida residents can purchase hemp-derived products from businesses if they are tested by an independent lab. This will ensure that products contain no more than 0.3% of THC, as per the CBD laws. This also confirms that the product does not contain any harmful additives.


Is CBD Legal in Florida How can you get it?


Florida is very liberal when it comes down to restrictions. Ordering online or from dispensaries can get a patient who is using medical marijuana up to four ounces. However, all patients must obtain a recommendation from a doctor before ordering marijuana. If they don’t have this approval, the order will be cancelled. This purchase model allows the state to limit businesses that sell CBD or CBD-based products. If you prefer to avoid the hassles of buying CBD products in person, you can order a CBD product online.


It would be a great idea to verify all information before buying CBD. Check the ingredients list to see if any toxic compounds are present. You should consult your doctor before you take any chemicals, such as heavy metal. What are the best places to buy CBD in Florida The best way to get CBD oil products for Florida is to purchase them online. However, CBD oil can also be purchased in-store at many local stores.…

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Industry Trends and Characteristics by WashMates | Laundry delivered | Uber for laundry tucson la

Industry Trends and Characteristics by WashMates | Laundry delivered | Uber for laundry tucson la




Industry growth is based on the demographics of population density, population mix, and population income. The more concentrated the population, the greater the need for quality coin laundry facilities. National and regional demographics indicate renters, the primary users of coin laundries, are the fastest-growing segment in the nation. As of the 1990 U.S. Census, 35.8% of the nation’s 94.6 million households were renter occupied, up from 34% in 1980.


The number of coin laundry stores built over the past 40 years has grown steadily as the population has increased and shifted to more concentrated areas. The end result has been a mature, stabilized industry with predictable rates of turnover and values of existing coin laundries; development of new “turn-key” facilities; and, equipment expansion and replacement.


Marketing Environment

Coin laundries normally sell for a multiple of their net earnings. The multiple may vary between three and seven times the net cash flow, depending on several valuation factors. The following primary factors establish market value:


The net earnings before debt service, after adjustments for depreciation, and any other non-standard items # including owner salary, or payroll costs in services.

The terms and conditions of the real estate interest (lease), particularly length; frequency and amount of increases; expense provisions; and overall ratio of rent to gross income.

The age, condition, and utilization of the equipment, and leasehold improvements; the physical attributes of the real property in which the coin laundry is located, particularly entrances/exits, street visibility, and parking. More about Uber for laundry tucson click here.


Existing conditions, including vend price structure in the local marketplace.

The demographic profile in the general area or region.

Replacement cost and land usage issues.

This resale market standard assumes an owner/operator scenario, with no allocation for outside management fees. Marketing time for store sales averages 60 to 90 days, depending on price, financing terms, and stores available at the time of sale. Coin laundry listings are generally offered by business brokers who charge a sales commission of 8% to 10%. Most coin laundry distributors also act as brokers.


The accepted standard of “useful life” for commercial coin laundry equipment is as follows:


Top load Washers (12 lbs. To 14 lbs.) 5 – 8 years

Frontload Washers (18 lbs. to 50 lbs.) 10 – 15 years

Dryers (30 lbs. to 60 lbs.) 15 – 20 years

Heating Systems 10 -15 years

Coin Changers 10 – 15 years

This schedule will vary upon usage, sales volume, and maintenance. “Useful life” may differ for accounting or tax purposes.…

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Cessation techniques by Puffazon Amazon of smoke supplies | Largest internet retailer of smoke supplies | Smokeshop supplies delivered like Amazon

Cessation techniques by Puffazon Amazon of smoke supplies | Largest internet retailer of smoke supplies | Smokeshop supplies delivered like Amazon




Over the years, several smokeless tobacco cessation and prevention techniques have been tried with varying levels of success. Some of them include:


  1. Education- One of the easiest and first lines of defense in cessation is to educate them on the dangers of tobacco. Give your patients literature from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute. We have some pamphlet and booklet suggestions in this web site. Posters, pamphlets and repeated reminders (i.e. intervention) from health professionals to their patients to not start using tobacco can be very influential. Encouraging and educating young people regarding non-tobacco use can also help that person become influential to their peers.


Make payments with PayPal – it’s fast, free and secure!

  1. Quitting “Cold turkey”- People can and do quit chewing on their own. The health professional can be very helpful by encouraging quitting and giving support whenever possible. Chewers who have not been chewing very long are often successful with this method. More about Largest internet retailer of smoke supplies


  1. Chewing an alternative- Oral gratification “missing having something in my mouth”, behavioral rituals and peer pressure are powerful influences to keep a person using smokeless tobacco. Here is where using healthy alternatives like Mint Snuff All Mint Chew or Pouches becomes so valuable. They allow the patient to continue the behavior and yield to whatever pressures keep them chewing but without the danger of tobacco. Some people can quit the behavior altogether after a few weeks, others take longer. If they quit and then feel the need to relapse, they can once again use Mint Snuff until the urge passes.


  1. Titration- Some chewers who have strong nicotine withdrawal find it helpful to mix Mint Snuff with their tobacco. Some mix it with tobacco in a ratio of 1:4 one week, 1:3 the following week, 1:2 the next, 1:1 afterwards and finally to straight Mint Snuff. Click here to see Dr. Dan Laizure’s method.


  1. Alternating dips- Use tobacco and Mint Snuff alternately starting every other dip then gradually using Mint Snuff more and more until they don’t use tobacco anymore.


  1. Use of nicotine patches- For those chewers who display definite signs of nicotine withdrawal, doctors may consider the use of nicotine patches. Please check the latest information on suggested levels and age criteria for the use of patches with smokeless tobacco users.


  1. Nicotine gum (Nicorette)- Studies have suggested that nicotine gum has not been very helpful in the cessation efforts. However, it is always worth a try if the patient wants to try it.


  1. A prescription of wellbutrin (also called Zyban, a prescription anti-depressant pill) and the use of Mint Snuff Chew or Mint Snuff Pouches. A few un-named professional baseball players quit using this method.
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Just War Theory and Stoicism to end suffering

Just War Theory and Stoicism to end suffering




Just war theory tackles the question as to under what circumstances it is legitimate to go to war. Though there are earlier references of the ethics of warfare, Thomas Aquinas’s account in his Summa Theologica provided the basis on which just war theory is based. The theory developed by Thomas and his followers identifies various specific conditions that must be met if a war is justly to be waged.


Just Cause

The first condition that must be satisfied before war can legitimately be declared is that there must be just cause for the war. It is wrong to wage war without sufficient reason.


Sufficient reason certainly includes self-defence against an act of aggression, but what else might provide just cause for a war is difficult to discern. Defence of others against an aggressor nation may well be sufficient justification for war. It is less clear whether pre-emptive strikes against a nation that may or may not pose a threat meet this condition.


Proper Authority

The second condition is that war must be declared by a proper authority, a representative of a nation. Neither you nor I can declare war; that is a matter for governments. There are, however, circumstances where it is unclear whether a government represents its people. A dictator King, who rules by fear, or a democratically elected government acting against the wishes of the electorate, arguable do not represent those whom they govern. Whether they can justly declare war is therefore questionable.


Right Intention

If a war is to be just then the third condition that must be satisfied is that it must be waged with the right intentions. If a nation has just cause to declare a war, but its real reason for doing so is simply to further its own interests or to inflict suffering upon a hated enemy, then the war is not just. Traditionally, it has been held that the right intention must be a desire for peace with Stoicism to end suffering



Probability of Success

A fourth condition for a just war is that there must be some likelihood of success. There is no justice, it is held, in a government resisting a superior power only for its people to be utterly crushed. For a war to be just, the chances of it achieving its aims must be significant.



The last of the conditions of traditional just war theory is proportionality. This condition is violated if the bad effects of waging a war are likely to outweigh the good that it achieves.…

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Pot Advocate Smith Guilty Of Trafficking – US hemp regulators | Us hemp regulatatory team | Us hemp team for regulation

Pot Advocate Smith Guilty Of Trafficking – US hemp regulators | Us hemp regulatatory team | Us hemp team for regulation





Marijuana advocate Ted Smith was found guilty Thursday of trafficking when he passed out joints at a pro-marijuana rally at the University of Victoria.


Provincial Court Judge Judith Kay handed down the verdict after systematically rejecting every single point or argument in Smith’s case. Kay, meanwhile, stayed a charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking.


Smith was arrested on Nov. 8, 2000 after a rally at the University of Victoria. Smith spoke to a crowd of between 30 and 50 on the benefits of marijuana and the unfairness of laws prohibiting it.


He then lit up several joints and passed them out.


After the rally, undercover officers, investigating a complaint from campus security, moved in and arrested Smith and seized some marijuana.


Smith is the founder of Victoria’s Cannabis Buyers’ Club, a Johnson Street based compassion club. It supplies marijuana to people with incurable diseases or other illnesses.


During the trial, Smith tried to argue the marijuana was medicinal. Various arguments based upon the Charter of Rights and Freedoms were also advanced. But Kay rejected any assertions Smith was using the marijuana for anything other than recreational purposes.


She also rejected every one of Smith’s assertions that his rights, as defined by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, had been violated.


Us hemp regulatatory team said there was no unreasonable tyranny at work when Smith was arrested. “This was not a capricious, despotic or unlawful form of arrest,” she said.


And Kay rejected the notion Smith was the victim of discrimination just because he was a marijuana user. The judge didn’t agree his freedom of conscience was breached.


“He was arrested not for his thoughts but for his actions — what he was doing with the marijuana,” said Kay.


“This is a lifestyle choice which does not attract charter protection,” she said.


Smith will be sentenced on Feb. 2. Smith’s charge, trafficking in under three kilograms of marijuana, carries a maximum penalty of five years less one day.


He is also facing another charge of trafficking for passing out cookies at the Victoria Public Library, also in 2000. That trial is scheduled for March.


Outside the courthouse Smith vowed he would appeal the guilty verdict all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if necessary.


“I don’t think I’m guilty of a crime at all. I’ve done nothing but try to help people in this community,” said Smith.


He is fully prepared to accept whatever consequences come his way when it comes to sentencing. Unlike most people charged with marijuana offences, who Smith called the true victims, he said he has always been prepared.


“If I’m the scapegoat in this campaign then it’s something I stood up to the plate for,” said Smith.


This is the second guilty verdict for Smith. Earlier this month he was found guilty of possession of cannabis resin for the purpose of trafficking. He was handed a nine-month conditional discharge.


The cannabis resin charge arose from a 2002 police raid on the Cannabis Buyers’ Club. Cookies, massage oil and ointments were seized and analysis later revealed them to contain cannabis resin.


Both these recent guilty verdicts came after trials which were conducted in marked contrast to the trial of a possession charge back in September which ended with a stay of proceedings.


During that trial Smith managed to introduce personal testimony along with expert scientific evidence on the medical harms and benefits of marijuana.


There was also argument surrounding the illogic of the federal government’s position at the time.


At the time of the 2002 arrest, the federal government had agreed to allow marijuana to be used medicinally but failed to identify a legal source. This forced sufferers to rely on compassion clubs or the black market.


Now the federal government grows its own marijuana in a mine shaft in Manitoba for medicinal users.…

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House building frenzy feared – Delegate venture fund

House building frenzy feared – Delegate venture fund



WARNING bells that Essex could be threatened with even more news homes than currently feared have been sounded by the East of England Regional Assembly.

`by backing a government plan to impose another 131,000 homes on Essex before 2021 – 20,000 more than the county itself said was the limit that could be sustained.


Now it has balked at what it sees as the possible impact of the recent Treasury-backed Barker Report, which, says EERA, could double the rate of new house building in the east of England counties and has written to Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott telling him so.


The report, compiled by economist Kate Barker, suggested that in order to curb the upward trend in house prices, and to bring the UK in line with the EU average, it would be necessary to build between 70,000 and 120,000 new homes annually throughout England.


Sue Sida-Lockett, chairman of EERA, said: “While the assembly recognises many of the problems Kate Barker describes in her report we believe important decisions on housing must be made in a sensible way, with full local involvement and buy-in, which take into account the diverse regional needs of the East of England.”


The assembly wants the Government to spell Delegate fund out exactly what it is now planning to do and is warning that there must be a much higher funding for necessary infrastructure.


Green light for green belt homes


Massive housebuilding plans for the green belt in London and the South-East were given the goahead by Tony Blair today.


In his strongest words on the issue to date, the Prime Minister said demand for new homes was so great it would be irresponsible to rule out specific tracts of land for development.


Mr Blair said at Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons: “There is requirement for additional housing, and if we don’t face up to decisions on that, the people who will suffer will be generations to come, particularly first-time buyers.”


His remarks came in response to Tory housing shadow John Hayes, who claimed that the Government’s stance on housebuilding on protected green belt land had been “evasive”. Ministers are worried about an electoral backlash if they are seen to be giving the green light to concreting over beauty spots.


Labour came to power promising to protect greenfield sites and insisted that more than 80 per cent of new housing in the Thames Gateway area would be on brownfield urban sites.


Under one scheme being considered, swathes of Kent, Essex and Bedfordshire are earmarked for 200,000 new homes.


Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott wants 120,000 built in the Thames Gateway area. In Milton Keynes, the M11 corridor and Ashford, Kent, half could be on greenfield sites.…

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Bitcoin sportsbook MetaMask connection Stablecoins: Bringing stability in order to a volatile entire world





These days, along with Facebook? s Libra facing regulatory examination along with the People? h Bank of Cina rushing to issue an unique digital currency, the concept of stablecoins chosen in value to be able to traditional currencies and even other assets is usually entering the mainstream vernacular.


Issue is, very much of the speak is increasingly negative. Regulators are having Facebook to activity for seeking to create a global electronic digital currency at some sort of time when the credibility is within issue. And Tether, one particular of the almost all common crypto-affiliated stablecoins, has been underneath fire with U. S. federal government bodies for its shortage of transparency about whether it? h pegged on an one: 1 basis in order to the US Dollars.


Despite common issues over stablecoin corporate compliance, stablecoins done effectively can yield huge potential to deal with two major failings in the current financial system: the estimated one. 7 billion worldwide? unbanked?, as well as the bad cross-border payment methods that exist.


Stablecoins aim to combine the velocity, immutability in addition to low transaction price of cryptocurrencies together with the stability associated with traditional currencies. Until now, there have already been three different techniques to achieving truly stable value regarding stablecoins.


Three several types of stablecoins


The initial and most common type of stablecoin is definitely to simply peg the value of every digitally given coin to the benefit of an resource “ Bitcoin sportsbook MetaMask connection“or possibly a basket regarding assets held in custody by company. In practice, what this means is for every $1 stablecoin, the issuer of the asset may hold $1 in their bank account. This too ensures that will the stablecoin may at any stage be redeemed with regard to $1.


The minute type of stablecoins are stablecoins that happen to be pegged to cryptocurrencies, so-called crypto-collateralized stablecoins. Since cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile, stablecoins chosen to crypto make full use of sophisticated algorithms and strict governance to ensure the value of the coin can always be maintained. One of the most well known example of some sort of crypto-collateralized stablecoin will be MakerDao with its stablecoin DAI that is maintaining the value of all-around $1.


Thirdly, a far more theoretical but certainly not yet really normal approach is to make use regarding seigniorage shares to maintain the importance of a stablecoin. This could suggest a stablecoin is definitely technically not guaranteed by anything (similar to central traditional bank currencies) and typically the value will end up being stabilized by issuing more when the cost is above the set value plus taking coins out and about of the source when the selling price falls below the threshold. So far, only one company, basis. io, has attemptedto issue a stablecoin based on this kind of mechanism, and that shut down due to regulatory problems.


Just for this article, we will certainly concentrate on the stablecoin type that will be most viable currently: fiat-collateralized stablecoins.


Standing Quo


Currently, over 200 companies have announced plans in order to issue stablecoins. and even 66 are already actively offering their stablecoins to the broader public (Consensys 2019).


What features held stablecoins back again until now?


Having less transparency have affected stablecoin providers until recently. Even although stablecoins take benefit of a decentralized blockchain network to handle transactions, the procedure of issuing innovative coins and storing fiat remain extremely centralized, with devious statements from stablecoin providers about how exactly these people issue, what? h held in reserve and other major metrics that provide investors confidence inside of the stability of the financial system.


An Alliance of major blockchain companies which include Cred, Uphold, CertiK, Blockchain at Berkeley and OmiseGO need raised the tavern, offering a collection of stablecoins (UPUSD, UPEUR) of which demonstrate a 1: one substantiation within the blockchain. Each Universal Protocol stablecoin operates less than an universal plus transparent reserve standard that can always be audited and tested through the transparency web page. Investors can from any time check out and see exactly how much is inside the reserve at virtually any time. This provides you with investors unprecedented access to information about the stablecoin. If successful, such an approach could help the complete industry. Many stablecoin issuers might steer clear of the temptation typically the over-issue one? t own coin when others are exhibiting true transparency.


Why stablecoins remain vital to blockchain


Most of stablecoins are chosen to a real-life asset, the most popular currency being the US Dollars. Inside the crypto-world, stablecoins have quickly recognized themselves as a vital section of the ecosystem with listings throughout all major exchanges. In a recent study, r3 identified the most common use-cases intended for stablecoins as: Locking in profits, tax havens and in order to move money exterior of the financial system.


As this kind of the biggest customers of stablecoins continue to be traders, crypto investing firms, hedge funds and speculators. With increasing regulatory oversight on digital resources, the use associated with stablecoins as tax havens or to shift money outside of the bank system, might turn into null and emptiness in the near future. While stablecoins will still function to lock in income, the more exciting use-case could turn into addressing the aforesaid problems of the time: deficiency of economical inclusion and inefficient remittances.


Ironically, another challenge that stablecoin issuers present to key banks is that the most critical forex for them is simply not necessarily the one they hold on storage, but have confidence in.


If users dropped trust in a certain stablecoin this can prospect to something identical to bank-runs in the traditional economic world. A circumstance, where everyone tries to sell-off their stablecoin, but no single is willing in order to buy it for the value that it was originally issued in, which ultimately leads to a decreasing cost.


The regulatory environment in which stablecoins transact will certainly mature. And because of this, stablecoin issuers will need to confront thorough checks upon accountability. Nevertheless, typically the stability of some sort of coin and approval by merchants was the winner? t solely end up being based upon their stability sheet, and in how far they have got managed to establish trust and fixed up a see-thorugh process, that allows any person to track profits of currency coalition.…

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