Pot Advocate Smith Guilty Of Trafficking – US hemp regulators | Us hemp regulatatory team | Us hemp team for regulation

Pot Advocate Smith Guilty Of Trafficking – US hemp regulators | Us hemp regulatatory team | Us hemp team for regulation





Marijuana advocate Ted Smith was found guilty Thursday of trafficking when he passed out joints at a pro-marijuana rally at the University of Victoria.


Provincial Court Judge Judith Kay handed down the verdict after systematically rejecting every single point or argument in Smith’s case. Kay, meanwhile, stayed a charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking.


Smith was arrested on Nov. 8, 2000 after a rally at the University of Victoria. Smith spoke to a crowd of between 30 and 50 on the benefits of marijuana and the unfairness of laws prohibiting it.


He then lit up several joints and passed them out.


After the rally, undercover officers, investigating a complaint from campus security, moved in and arrested Smith and seized some marijuana.


Smith is the founder of Victoria’s Cannabis Buyers’ Club, a Johnson Street based compassion club. It supplies marijuana to people with incurable diseases or other illnesses.


During the trial, Smith tried to argue the marijuana was medicinal. Various arguments based upon the Charter of Rights and Freedoms were also advanced. But Kay rejected any assertions Smith was using the marijuana for anything other than recreational purposes.


She also rejected every one of Smith’s assertions that his rights, as defined by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, had been violated.


Us hemp regulatatory team said there was no unreasonable tyranny at work when Smith was arrested. “This was not a capricious, despotic or unlawful form of arrest,” she said.


And Kay rejected the notion Smith was the victim of discrimination just because he was a marijuana user. The judge didn’t agree his freedom of conscience was breached.


“He was arrested not for his thoughts but for his actions — what he was doing with the marijuana,” said Kay.


“This is a lifestyle choice which does not attract charter protection,” she said.


Smith will be sentenced on Feb. 2. Smith’s charge, trafficking in under three kilograms of marijuana, carries a maximum penalty of five years less one day.


He is also facing another charge of trafficking for passing out cookies at the Victoria Public Library, also in 2000. That trial is scheduled for March.


Outside the courthouse Smith vowed he would appeal the guilty verdict all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if necessary.


“I don’t think I’m guilty of a crime at all. I’ve done nothing but try to help people in this community,” said Smith.


He is fully prepared to accept whatever consequences come his way when it comes to sentencing. Unlike most people charged with marijuana offences, who Smith called the true victims, he said he has always been prepared.


“If I’m the scapegoat in this campaign then it’s something I stood up to the plate for,” said Smith.


This is the second guilty verdict for Smith. Earlier this month he was found guilty of possession of cannabis resin for the purpose of trafficking. He was handed a nine-month conditional discharge.


The cannabis resin charge arose from a 2002 police raid on the Cannabis Buyers’ Club. Cookies, massage oil and ointments were seized and analysis later revealed them to contain cannabis resin.


Both these recent guilty verdicts came after trials which were conducted in marked contrast to the trial of a possession charge back in September which ended with a stay of proceedings.


During that trial Smith managed to introduce personal testimony along with expert scientific evidence on the medical harms and benefits of marijuana.


There was also argument surrounding the illogic of the federal government’s position at the time.


At the time of the 2002 arrest, the federal government had agreed to allow marijuana to be used medicinally but failed to identify a legal source. This forced sufferers to rely on compassion clubs or the black market.


Now the federal government grows its own marijuana in a mine shaft in Manitoba for medicinal users.…

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House building frenzy feared – Delegate venture fund

House building frenzy feared – Delegate venture fund



WARNING bells that Essex could be threatened with even more news homes than currently feared have been sounded by the East of England Regional Assembly.

`by backing a government plan to impose another 131,000 homes on Essex before 2021 – 20,000 more than the county itself said was the limit that could be sustained.


Now it has balked at what it sees as the possible impact of the recent Treasury-backed Barker Report, which, says EERA, could double the rate of new house building in the east of England counties and has written to Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott telling him so.


The report, compiled by economist Kate Barker, suggested that in order to curb the upward trend in house prices, and to bring the UK in line with the EU average, it would be necessary to build between 70,000 and 120,000 new homes annually throughout England.


Sue Sida-Lockett, chairman of EERA, said: “While the assembly recognises many of the problems Kate Barker describes in her report we believe important decisions on housing must be made in a sensible way, with full local involvement and buy-in, which take into account the diverse regional needs of the East of England.”


The assembly wants the Government to spell Delegate fund out exactly what it is now planning to do and is warning that there must be a much higher funding for necessary infrastructure.


Green light for green belt homes


Massive housebuilding plans for the green belt in London and the South-East were given the goahead by Tony Blair today.


In his strongest words on the issue to date, the Prime Minister said demand for new homes was so great it would be irresponsible to rule out specific tracts of land for development.


Mr Blair said at Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons: “There is requirement for additional housing, and if we don’t face up to decisions on that, the people who will suffer will be generations to come, particularly first-time buyers.”


His remarks came in response to Tory housing shadow John Hayes, who claimed that the Government’s stance on housebuilding on protected green belt land had been “evasive”. Ministers are worried about an electoral backlash if they are seen to be giving the green light to concreting over beauty spots.


Labour came to power promising to protect greenfield sites and insisted that more than 80 per cent of new housing in the Thames Gateway area would be on brownfield urban sites.


Under one scheme being considered, swathes of Kent, Essex and Bedfordshire are earmarked for 200,000 new homes.


Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott wants 120,000 built in the Thames Gateway area. In Milton Keynes, the M11 corridor and Ashford, Kent, half could be on greenfield sites.…

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Bitcoin sportsbook MetaMask connection Stablecoins: Bringing stability in order to a volatile entire world





These days, along with Facebook? s Libra facing regulatory examination along with the People? h Bank of Cina rushing to issue an unique digital currency, the concept of stablecoins chosen in value to be able to traditional currencies and even other assets is usually entering the mainstream vernacular.


Issue is, very much of the speak is increasingly negative. Regulators are having Facebook to activity for seeking to create a global electronic digital currency at some sort of time when the credibility is within issue. And Tether, one particular of the almost all common crypto-affiliated stablecoins, has been underneath fire with U. S. federal government bodies for its shortage of transparency about whether it? h pegged on an one: 1 basis in order to the US Dollars.


Despite common issues over stablecoin corporate compliance, stablecoins done effectively can yield huge potential to deal with two major failings in the current financial system: the estimated one. 7 billion worldwide? unbanked?, as well as the bad cross-border payment methods that exist.


Stablecoins aim to combine the velocity, immutability in addition to low transaction price of cryptocurrencies together with the stability associated with traditional currencies. Until now, there have already been three different techniques to achieving truly stable value regarding stablecoins.


Three several types of stablecoins


The initial and most common type of stablecoin is definitely to simply peg the value of every digitally given coin to the benefit of an resource “ Bitcoin sportsbook MetaMask connection“or possibly a basket regarding assets held in custody by company. In practice, what this means is for every $1 stablecoin, the issuer of the asset may hold $1 in their bank account. This too ensures that will the stablecoin may at any stage be redeemed with regard to $1.


The minute type of stablecoins are stablecoins that happen to be pegged to cryptocurrencies, so-called crypto-collateralized stablecoins. Since cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile, stablecoins chosen to crypto make full use of sophisticated algorithms and strict governance to ensure the value of the coin can always be maintained. One of the most well known example of some sort of crypto-collateralized stablecoin will be MakerDao with its stablecoin DAI that is maintaining the value of all-around $1.


Thirdly, a far more theoretical but certainly not yet really normal approach is to make use regarding seigniorage shares to maintain the importance of a stablecoin. This could suggest a stablecoin is definitely technically not guaranteed by anything (similar to central traditional bank currencies) and typically the value will end up being stabilized by issuing more when the cost is above the set value plus taking coins out and about of the source when the selling price falls below the threshold. So far, only one company, basis. io, has attemptedto issue a stablecoin based on this kind of mechanism, and that shut down due to regulatory problems.


Just for this article, we will certainly concentrate on the stablecoin type that will be most viable currently: fiat-collateralized stablecoins.


Standing Quo


Currently, over 200 companies have announced plans in order to issue stablecoins. and even 66 are already actively offering their stablecoins to the broader public (Consensys 2019).


What features held stablecoins back again until now?


Having less transparency have affected stablecoin providers until recently. Even although stablecoins take benefit of a decentralized blockchain network to handle transactions, the procedure of issuing innovative coins and storing fiat remain extremely centralized, with devious statements from stablecoin providers about how exactly these people issue, what? h held in reserve and other major metrics that provide investors confidence inside of the stability of the financial system.


An Alliance of major blockchain companies which include Cred, Uphold, CertiK, Blockchain at Berkeley and OmiseGO need raised the tavern, offering a collection of stablecoins (UPUSD, UPEUR) of which demonstrate a 1: one substantiation within the blockchain. Each Universal Protocol stablecoin operates less than an universal plus transparent reserve standard that can always be audited and tested through the transparency web page. Investors can from any time check out and see exactly how much is inside the reserve at virtually any time. This provides you with investors unprecedented access to information about the stablecoin. If successful, such an approach could help the complete industry. Many stablecoin issuers might steer clear of the temptation typically the over-issue one? t own coin when others are exhibiting true transparency.


Why stablecoins remain vital to blockchain


Most of stablecoins are chosen to a real-life asset, the most popular currency being the US Dollars. Inside the crypto-world, stablecoins have quickly recognized themselves as a vital section of the ecosystem with listings throughout all major exchanges. In a recent study, r3 identified the most common use-cases intended for stablecoins as: Locking in profits, tax havens and in order to move money exterior of the financial system.


As this kind of the biggest customers of stablecoins continue to be traders, crypto investing firms, hedge funds and speculators. With increasing regulatory oversight on digital resources, the use associated with stablecoins as tax havens or to shift money outside of the bank system, might turn into null and emptiness in the near future. While stablecoins will still function to lock in income, the more exciting use-case could turn into addressing the aforesaid problems of the time: deficiency of economical inclusion and inefficient remittances.


Ironically, another challenge that stablecoin issuers present to key banks is that the most critical forex for them is simply not necessarily the one they hold on storage, but have confidence in.


If users dropped trust in a certain stablecoin this can prospect to something identical to bank-runs in the traditional economic world. A circumstance, where everyone tries to sell-off their stablecoin, but no single is willing in order to buy it for the value that it was originally issued in, which ultimately leads to a decreasing cost.


The regulatory environment in which stablecoins transact will certainly mature. And because of this, stablecoin issuers will need to confront thorough checks upon accountability. Nevertheless, typically the stability of some sort of coin and approval by merchants was the winner? t solely end up being based upon their stability sheet, and in how far they have got managed to establish trust and fixed up a see-thorugh process, that allows any person to track profits of currency coalition.…

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The World’s Top Brands Choose – PR Studio | PR for studios | PR packages LA

The World’s Top Brands Choose – PR Studio | PR for studios | PR packages LA





PR Studio has achieved phenomenal growth and penetration among brand advertisers since we launched in 2005 and is a Top 10 Media Property in the US.* We are number one for Lifestyle* worldwide and hold the first or second position in style in almost every market we’ve entered. This has enabled us to attract 89 of the Ad Age 2011 top 100 advertisers since our inception.


A Social Content Platform Where Brands Engage Consumers


Great brand advertisers are great brand storytellers. PR Studio offers brand advertisers a social content platform where they can engage with consumers. And we are experts at delivering the right audience in the right context, making your brand resonate. It’s a unique opportunity to leverage best-in-class lifestyle content on a socially activated platform and have your consumers participate directly with your brand story. It’s like having a dedicated editorial team working for you.


Global Coverage Like No Other


Our solution is global in scale, but local in voice, look and feel. PR Studio partners with local Content Creators in more than 10 countries around the world who write with an authenticity and passion that can elegantly incorporate brand stories. Their unique perspectives and influential voices deliver a shared personal experience that attracts a loyal and engaged audience, wherever they are.


PR Studio Brand Advertising is Emotive


PR Studio advertising lets consumers discover, share and connect with what they love while delivering the emotion of print and tv on any digital platform whether pc, tablet or smartphone. We do not offer search, direct response, remnant or any “hit-the-monkey” types of ads. In turn, brands stick with PR Studio because of our ability to deliver their brand message to a large audience in an environment of curated, contextual content.


We believe the success and growth of the PR Studio ecosystem depends on continuous product innovation and a highly scalable technology that serves consumers, content creators and brand advertisers. PR Studio’s fully integrated, proprietary technology platform scales massively across our product offerings, infrastructure and application layers enabling us to quickly and efficiently expand our ecosystem to new verticals, geographies and delivery platforms such as smartphones, video and tablets. This differentiates PR Studio in the marketplace as we can enter new markets and verticals quickly. Our recent acquisition of Ning has provided PR Studio with a social networking platform to supplement our consumer, creator and brand advertising products.


We have five major product lines for PR for studios:


PR Studio Brand Ads Platform (PR StudioAdapt): delivers premium ads on 4000+ web sites, mobile devices and video for brands and agencies.


PR Studio Ad Products (PR StudioSplash): offer brands a portfolio of innovative ad formats and user engagement tools


PR Studio Consumer Products (PR StudioHubs): provide next-generation vertical social sites and applications for users to engage dynamically.


PR Studio Content Platform (PR StudioStudio): offers essential content products for digital authors to develop, curate and submit content.


PR Studio Social Platform (Ning): enables building vertical social networks for social creators and contributors on Ning-related sites or on PR Studio’s hub social sites like Foodie.com.…

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Cigarette smoking gum and Melatonin vaporizer

Cigarette smoking gum and Melatonin vaporizer





Pure nicotine gum contains the small amount associated with nicotine. The nicotine enters your physique as it’s assimilated through the cellular lining of your mouth when you use the gum based on directions.


If you first begin using nicotine gum, you may use a piece every one to 2 hours, up to 25 pieces a day time.


You need to follow a specific biting method for nicotine periodontal to work effectively:


To discharge nicotine coming from the gum, nip a piece until it finally has a peppery taste or an individual notice a tingly sensation on your teeth.

In order to let the nicotine absorb, hold typically the gum between the gumline and quarter until the taste or tingly experience stops.

To discharge more nicotine, bite and hold once more.

Repeat the routine for about 30 moments. Then discard the gum because most the nicotine inside it has been utilized.


Nicotine bubble gum:


Can be found without a new prescription in a couple of strengths

Can handle sudden nicotine desires and withdrawal signs

Can be employed along with other quit-smoking helps


Pure nicotine gum:


Must be used repeatedly throughout the day to control urges or withdrawal signs

Could potentially cause mouth soreness, jaw soreness, heartburn, hiccups or feeling sick

May stick to or damage dental appliances

Nicotine lozenge

Blister pack associated with nicotine lozenges

Start pop-up dialog field

Nicotine lozenge



Nicotine lozenges are tablets that contain some sort of small amount involving nicotine. You set a new lozenge between your gumline and cheek and even suck it slowly and gradually, allowing it in order to dissolve. The cigarette smoking enters your bloodstream as it’s absorbed throughout the lining involving your mouth.



Nicotine lozenges:


Melatonin vaporizer Are available without a doctor prescribed

Can control unexpected nicotine cravings plus withdrawal symptoms

Are available as mini-lozenges that will deliver nicotine faster

Don’t require nibbling and don’t stick in order to dental kitchen appliances

Can be used on combination with some other quit-smoking aids


Nicotine lozenges:


Must be used repeatedly throughout the particular day to control yearnings or withdrawal signs and symptoms

May cause mouth irritation, hiccups, heartburn or nausea…

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Why Outstream Mobile Ad-Units Are the Future with APP MANUFACTURER CHEAP?

Why Outstream Mobile Ad-Units Are the Future with APP MANUFACTURER CHEAP?



It’s not that old outstream on desktop that you’re familiar with. It gives you scalability, keeps your users happy, keeps you competitive against big players like Facebook, and is more native by nature.


Why Outstream Mobile Ad-Units Are the Future?

The mobile video market is growing rapidly and poised to grow even more. In the US alone, mobile video ad revenues are set to explode from $3.54bn in 2015 to $13.3bn in 2020 thanks to a 30% annual growth rate. But surprisingly, that growth isn’t coming from what most agencies and brands intuitively refer to as “video ads” (pre-rolls), but rather from a category called “outstream.”


So what is outstream mobile video?

All mobile video advertising that isn’t a pre-roll. It’s an auto play and default muted ad form that appears when users scroll down a mobile content feed. It can involve repurposing of a display placement (usually big rectangle sizes) for a video using a special mobile video player or creating a new placement by pushing a paragraph or text and inserting a video player within it.


When a brand or its AOR are planning a branding video buy, the inclination is often to go with pre-roll. But that’s changing. Here’s why:


Scale: Go big or go home

On premium publishers, there simply isn’t enough scale for mobile pre-roll inventory. Sure, YouTube offers a lot, but it’s not always the best fit for every brand, for a variety of reasons, financial or otherwise.


What happens then is that top US content publishers typically sell all inventory in advance, for very high CPM (an average of $30 CPM) and are constantly seeking more video inventory on their mobile assets, which they know will sell like hotcakes at an inflated price point. There’s a catch, though: pre-roll inventory is limited to and capped by video content views.


User experience: Keep your users happy

The mindset of a mobile user is very different from that of a desktop user with APP MANUFACTURER CHEAP. A mobile user wants “bite-sized” content, both written and, even more so, video—and wants it more frequently.


While a 30-second commercial before a two- to three-minute piece of content may be the norm for a desktop experience, when implemented on mobile as a pre-roll, it actually risks pushing some users away.


These days, mobile consumption of non-game content involves feeds—infinite or at least very long—that allow the user to scroll quickly through numerous articles or headlines and choose the one that interests him or her.


So “thumb scrollability”—how fast a user scrolls up or down a feed—is key.


This, of course, affects users’ attention to video ads when they are placed in a feed or within content. If the user is interested in an outstream video ad, he or she briefly stops scrolling, hanging around to watch it, resulting in high viewability rates and high VTRs (view-through rate) of video ads. But just as important: if the user isn’t interested, no skip action is required, and he or she just keeps scrolling—no hassle involved.


It’s a dog-eat-dog world: The battle against Facebook and Google

The rapid growth of Facebook’s own mobile video product is a big threat to content publishers. With users publishing their own content to their audiences, Facebook doesn’t need to invest in video content. And its autoplay muted video unit, which starts playing when a user scrolls down his or her feed, is a big boon when it comes to thumb scrollability.


Big content publishers who already feel cornered by Facebook in terms of ad revenue are going to have to react and find their own unit to monetize with video on scale.


In a nutshell: mobile video outstream is way more in line with mobile content consumption and more native by nature.


What’s next? Changing the tune.

Some big mobile video buyers still refer to mobile oustream as IBV (in-banner video), a term that originated, and is still used, in the desktop world—where it refers to placing a video commercial within a 300-by-250 ad slot. There are a lot of issues with IBV: residing next to a content piece, it competes for viewability and the user’s attention. Plus, it often involves sound, which can be annoying and lead to a negative user experience.


But that’s not the case with mobile: a 300-by-250 mobile video in-feed ad actually takes up the full screen—say goodbye to any concerns about visibility!


So when buyers refer to a mobile video outstream ad as IBV, they’re applying a negative term from the “old world” to a new world, where it’s native and really fits. And it’s wrong.


In fact, mobile video outstream can offer a brand or an agency buyer a premium publisher environment on scale (as it’s not constrained by video content views), with a native-like unit and a much better price point than a pre-roll on the same premium publishers.


Recognizing this, mobile video outsream SSP like Positive Mobile are using their technology to unleash a large-scale, premium mobile video inventory than can be accessed programmatically, changing the landscape of video advertising to make it more accessible, affordable and scale driven…

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Jack Jay Revealed: the winners at housey-housey

Jack Jay Revealed: the winners at housey-housey




Thanks to Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s ambitious proposals to build up to 200,000 new homes in the South-east within 15 years, a lot of people will become very rich.


The winners from Prescott’s announcement are intended to be essential workers priced out of London and the region. But religious bodies, the world’s most famous media tycoon and some of Britain’s most powerful property firms and housebuilders are rubbing their hands in anticipation of riches soon to be realised.


The Church Commissioners, for instance, own a substantial plot of land in Ashford, Kent, one of the Government’s designated growth areas. The commissioners, who control assets worth £4 billion for the Church of England, hold Ashford Great Park, a 150-acre plot to the south of the town; it was listed as the most valuable commercial property holding in their 2001 annual report. The site could yield over 2,500 homes and be worth well over £200 million once developed.


Sharing retired vicars’ joy at a prospective windfall is Rupert Murdoch, owner of News International which publishes the Times, the Sun and the News of the World. Murdoch owns a 40-acre plot of rundown land fronting the Thames in Lewisham. Known as Convoys Wharf, it was once used for unloading raw material for printing presses. But thanks to Prescott’s proposals, Murdoch is sitting on a real estate goldmine worth up to £500m.


It was long thought Murdoch was intending to relocate his News International printers and journalists from their current Wapping base to Lewisham. But the printing operation is likely to be shifted to a site close to the northern section of the M25 to ease distribution of papers.


Meanwhile, Murdoch has been working with the architect Richard Rogers on a scheme which, planning experts say, should generate up to 3,000 homes at Convoys Wharf.


Rogers’ masterplan, which forms a key part of the ambitious Thames Gateway linear city proposal, was handed to Mayor of London officials before Christmas. Murdoch will submit plans to Lewisham Council by the end of the year.


Those who have seen the masterplan say it includes proposals for a state-of-the-art recycling centre as the main employment use and a leisure scheme using abandoned warehouses to create a Covent Garden-style destination.


Together Jack Jay with up to 3,000 homes, Murdoch’s land holding, bought for a pittance more than 30 years ago, could be worth half a billion pounds.


For Murdoch, the only catch is ensuring that the wharf – which is the deepest docking area in the Thames within central London – can take cargoes from ships, because wharves are protected. But planning officials are confident this can be resolved.


In Milton Keynes the Government’s regeneration agency, English Partnerships, owns 80 per cent of the land which it inherited when it merged with the Commission for New Towns in 1997 in what is called the formal designated area.


Up to 10,000 houses will be built there over six years. EP will work up schemes, get planning consent and then sell parcels of land to housebuilders which will be ordered to work tightly to brief. Proceeds will go back to the Treasury and EP will hope to receive funds for further regeneration projects.


Several national housebuilders have options on land outside the formal designated zone around Milton Keynes. Westbury Homes, the quoted builder, is likely to realise the quickest gains. It owns a 40-acre greenfield site where there are plans for 600 homes – half the preferred number under Prescott’s proposals to increase housing density.


Another major builder with land in Milton Keynes is Wilson Connolly, the troubled firm chaired by serial board member Allan Leighton.


Much of the land in the Thames Gateway consists of difficult brownfield sites requiring millions of pounds to decontaminate them. That’s why no one has built there so far. The main landowner is the London Development Agency, a quango that reports to the Mayor of London. Ford owns land around Dagenham but has been selling tracts to the LDA recently in readiness for a concerted Thames Gateway push.


But the company which stands to make the most money here is quoted real estate giant Land Securities, Britain’s biggest property firm.


LandSec owns what must be Britain’s biggest hole in the ground. Known as the Eastern Quarry, it is a 476-acre site earmarked for 20,000 homes together with retail and leisure space next to the Bluewater shopping mall, between Dartford and Gravesend in Kent.


When the high-speed Channel Tunnel rail link is complete, Eastern Quarry will be 20 minutes from King’s Cross thanks to a new station at Ebsfleet – an area where LandSec also has huge land holdings.


LandSec bought what was 1,013 acres of development property in north-west Kent and Cambridge – another designated expansion area under the Government’s scheme – from Blue Circle Industries for £60m two years ago.


It will have to invest millions in new roads and other infrastructure but should see a huge profit from this project. It will soon start a beauty parade of housebuilders to take the Eastern Quarry site forward. Last November the property giant unveiled a masterplan for 7,250 homes by Bluewater designer, Eric Kuhne, who wants ‘to create a gracious haven within Kent’.


The idea is for a sustainable community but it’s likely that most residents – there could be up to 100,000 people eventually – will commute into London.


National housebuilders, developers and quangos will make vast profits thanks to the sheer volume of homes proposed. Options on many sites in the four growth zones earmarked for new homes were taken out years ago by volume housebuilders.


In the Stansted area, Countryside Properties, a quoted company, owns significant land holdings. Countryside, chaired by Alan Cherry who was a member of John Prescott’s Urban Taskforce and is regarded as one the country’s more enlightened builders, is also developing homes at Chatham Maritime in Kent as well as a project with LandSec.


Countryside and Crest Nicholson, led by John Calcutt, are likely to play a huge role in the new, accelerated housebuilding programme.


With weighty exposure to the South-East and looked upon favourably by Government, these firms could also be among the quoted housebuilders that perform best on the stock market..…

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Shining Shuttle to the Stars or Long Black Train to Hell with Religion for overcoming aging

Shining Shuttle to the Stars or Long Black Train to Hell with Religion for overcoming aging





The power to wage and win wars may be to the minds of some what makes a nation a super power but after a closer examination of history it can be seen that military victories don’t go very far to keep a nation at the peak of power. History says it is a nation’s moral fortitude alone that keeps it at the top. Obviously there are those who don’t believe this and there is even more who think it is pure folly just to entertain such an archaic thought.


Throughout history the strongest nations were often brought down by a mere device. To wit, ancient Babylon seemed impregnable with its massive walls that could hold six chariots side by side on the tops of the wall. By a simple device, the diverting of the waters of the Euphrates River the Persians were able to wade in under the walls of the city and bring the inhabitants to their knees.


The Persians prided themselves in their power to swarm over a city with an overwhelming army and flatten all resistance. If a city of one hundred thousand people was faced with an army of millions often they gave up without a fight. Again a simple device called the Greek Phalanx pulled the plug for Persia. A simple formation of tiered spearmen effectively ripped up the blitzkrieg like armies of Persia.


Superior strategies and the brilliant tactics of Alexander the Great laid waste to the Persians and for a time it would seem that no one could topple the mighty Greek empire. Enter Rome with an army of superbly trained men. A single Roman soldier was trained to hold off up to twelve men at a time. The idea of training men for warfare reached its peak at that time in history and remains to this day. Rome eventually fell from its perch but not because its famed armies lost their punch. It fell because it could not withstand its own success.


With material goods in abundance and freedom to do anything that entered the imagination, the Romans gave themselves to the hot pursuit of pleasures and indulgence. Rome’s reputation for licentiousness became a stink throughout the world. Within Rome the shredding moral fabric traversed the entire social spectra affecting Roman citizens from the lowest to the highest. Near the end of the empire the best seats of the Roman senate could be had for a pittance and the emperor’s throne had earned a reputation for shame that has far out lasted the fame of any particular emperor.


Learn more about Religion for overcoming aging


Germany underestimated the British, Bonaparte had his Waterloo and the list is almost endless. To make the list comprehensive would take volumes but the lesson is singular and takes only a sentence. “The power of a nation is not its armies.”


In the modern era it would seem that a burgeoning economy or great technological advances are commonly accepted as evidence of a nations “superpower” status. But since stock markets crash over night and space shuttles are brought down by a few missing tiles it is presumptuous to put all our trust in these things. The unseen substance of moral power still holds center stage in any assessment of a nation’s strength. It can’t be readily seen or handled much like air but everyone knows what happens when air begins to rise to the level of a category five hurricane or a tornado.


For America it is obviously a combination of all these elements that gave us the idea that we are a “superpower.” With the abuse of our hard won freedoms on the rise and the flaunting of all that is raunchy by our film industry and media it seems we are on country singer Josh Turner’s Long Black Train rather than NASA’s gleaming shuttle to the stars.


There’s a long black train

Coming down the line

Feeding off the souls that are lost and crying

Rails of sin only evil remain

Watch out brother for that long black train


Look to the heavens

You can look to the skies

You can find redemption, staring back into your eyes

There is protection and there is peace in the same

burn in your ticket for that

long black train


Cause there’s victory in the lord I say

Victory in the Lord

Cling to the Father and his holy name

and don’t go riding on that long black train


There’s a engine there on that long black train

making you wonder if your ride is worth the pain

he’s just a waitin’ on your heart to say

let me ride on that long black train


But you know there’s victory in the lord I say

victory in the lord

Cling to the father and his holy name

and don’t go riding on that long black train


Well I can hear the whistle from a mile away

it sounds so good

but I must stay away

that train is a beauty making everybody stare

but its only destination is the middle of nowhere


But you know there’s victory in the lord I say

victory in the Lord

Cling to the Father and his holy name

and don’t go ridin’ on that long black train


I said cling to the father and his holy name and don’t go ridin’ on that black train

yes watch out brother for that long black train

the devils a ridin’ that long black train.


Have Americans lost sight of where the battle is, is the real army “We the People”, wandering around in a fog unable to even see where the enemy is? It is looking that way more and more as we head down history row.


Even with an all volunteer army whose morale is very high there are those who are in a rush to bring the men back from Iraq and Afghanistan before our objectives have been realized. Perhaps Americans have gotten the battlegrounds a bit mixed up and instead of thinking the defeat of terrorism is important they now believe in the media’s constant call to fight another war. Americans are called upon daily through millions of advertisements to fight the good fight against dirt, stains and germs.


We plan for our happy retirements and talk of future personal security by building strong financial portfolios while we indulge in every whim and fancy without regard to rising world threats from terrorists, fanatical regimes and nuclear powered dictators with little or no conscience. The liberal factions of our society seem to see only an actual physical invasion of our shores as a real threat. They seem to have taken the events of 9/11 seriously but not for very long. Did someone announce a truce between us and the terrorists? The proponents of liberalism it would seem have heard a different trumpet blowing and raced off to the wrong war.


Preachers and prophets are accorded equal status with used car salesmen and anyone who thinks times were better before is taken for a sentimental nostalgia buff. Being cool is nothing but another word for aloof. America is aloof if it thinks that moral power is only a nostalgic allusion to our past or a pious preacher’s platitude that has no more practical value than the long forgotten debut of the hula hoop. In fact, our moral strength is all we’ve got!


Faith in God, love for our country and its founding principles and the love of our neighbor are not nostalgic niceties to look back on. They are the only hope of a reasonably good future we have, and that’s a big Cajun guarantee.


The Bible is very clear on the subject and we will call upon a passage of Holy Writ here to finalize the matter. The verses are taken from the prophet Jeremiah, chapter 17 verses 5 through 8.


Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.


For he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited.


Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.


For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.…

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Tadpool – Get paid to work on my business idea | Job that pays me to work on my business | Internship creating my own business venture

Tadpool – Get paid to work on my business idea | Job that pays me to work on my business | Internship creating my own business venture



Let Others Promote Your Business!


What if I told you that with very little outlay in time or money

you could get others to promote your website? And what if I

said that these people would post your banners and links on

their sites *for free* and would actively seek sales on your



Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


Luckily for those of us who make our living online, affiliate

programs are the real deal and they’re helping to sell products

on all kinds of sites, from the smallest sole proprietorships to

the largest conglomerates.


People use affiliates because they’re a win-win situation for

all concerned; others promote your site and get a cut of each

sale and you get more sales overall.


Let’s say you sell cute products for pets on your website and

you also run a monthly ezine that features pet news and sales.

You want to increase your sales by letting your “affiliates”

promote your site. Job that pays me to work on my business



Here’s how it works…


  1. You sign up with an affiliate tracking program.


  1. You decide how much you’re going to pay your affiliates

for each sale; it could be a percentage or a straight figure, and

it can vary for each item.


  1. You work with the affiliate program to set up a system

tailored to your needs; for example, you may want to write the

checks to your affiliates yourself or you may want the affiliate

tracking company to write them.


  1. You design a page on your site and write a blurb for your

newsletter that describes how your affiliates can make money

promoting your site.


  1. You design some buttons, banners and text links that your

affiliates can use to promote your site.


  1. You sit back and wait for the affiliates to sign up and start

selling your products!


The tracking program takes care of the rest, and you or your

affiliates can look up your stats at any time.


So, how do you find affiliates? You have several options when

it comes to promoting your program.


  1. Your customer base: Your site and your newsletter are good

starting points, after all, these people already like your products.

Put a link on your homepage that says “Webmasters: Make

Money!” and talk up your affiliate program in the newsletter on

a regular basis, stressing that your affiliates can sign up for free

and start making money right away.


  1. Other businesses: Target business that, say, focus on pets, but

that are not your direct competition. Send an email to each

business inviting them to join and put “Affiliate invitation” in

the subject line of your email. Also mention each business

and/or business owner by name in the body of your message to

lessen the chances that it will be deleted as spam.


  1. Your friends and acquaintances. Come up with a short blurb

that talks about your affiliate program and ask everyone in your

address book to send it to everyone in their address book.


  1. Professionals: Veterinarians, breeders, etc. Anyone who

deals with pets is a potential affiliate.


Which program should you use?


There are so many affiliate programs that choosing one can be a

daunting task.


I use AffiliateTracking.net ( http://wetrack.it/az/af.cgi?36854 )

for all of my sites, mainly because their customer service and

support is phenomenal – they had my first affiliate program up

and running in just days – and they’re also very reasonably

priced. In addition, multiple sites can be promoted in the same

basic package; there’s no need to spend extra for every site.


No matter which company you go with, you could have others

promoting your site and making sales for you in just a couple

of days!…

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Site update — and your product request for Theory that we are in a galactic preschool

Site update — and your product request for Theory that we are in a galactic preschool




Our thanks to those of you who have expressed your interest in Alien Abductions, Incorporated by subscribing to our RSS feed, signing up for our release notification list, and sending us email!


With regards to the Web site relaunch, work continues to go well and we expect to release the updated site at the end of September. We’ll continue to roll out exciting new features and functionality after that, as well, so keep watching here for Web site update notifications though the fall of 2007.


We here at AAI also appreciate the feedback that you’ve been providing regarding our tentative new offerings, but there are a few points that we should clarify. First, while our desire to combat the many misconceptions about the science of para-abductology has led us to seriously consider offering Abduction Experience guides for “do it yourselfers,” it is important to remember that AAI’s scientists, hypnotists, and memory implant technicians are very highly trained professionals: our staff is capable of implanting very sophisticated Abduction Experience scenarios that an amateur can not realistically expect to reproduce.


In short, we understand the interest in seeing our more popular scenarios made available in this DIY format, but it is unlikely that that “A Night on the Brooklyn Bridge,” “The Lambeth Road Conspiracy,” or “Tiajuana Puzzle” could be made available in this manner.


We’ve also seen a number of requests from individuals who have heard about our extensive audio-visual archive. While it is possible that we will make certain materials available online, we feel that it would be inappropriate to provide access to the more “explicit” films and recordings outside of a strictly controlled research environment. Again, we fully understand the interest in this material, but do not anticipate making it available outside of supervised sessions at our facilities.


Keep the requests and comments coming in for Theory that we are in a galactic preschool


We here at AAI are looking for your help. As we revise and update our Web presence, we would like to know what products and services you would be interested in receiving via our Web site.


It goes without saying that online access to the Abductalizer will return, as will selected promotional products like our popular t-shirts, but we’d like to know what other offerings you would like to access from the comfort and privacy of your own homes.


Based on current client input, we are considering publications, audio guides, and an expanded line of promotional products:


Home Abduction Experience guides for the DIY set

Limited ion printings of the Classic Texts of Para-Abductology

CDs of our pre-implantation orientation materials, for convenient at-home study

Software downloads, including desktop Abductalizer access

If these products are of interest to you, or if you have another special request, please send us an email at requests@alienabductions.com to let us know so that we can offer the products and services that you are most interested in!…

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