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Let Others Promote Your Business!


What if I told you that with very little outlay in time or money

you could get others to promote your website? And what if I

said that these people would post your banners and links on

their sites *for free* and would actively seek sales on your



Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


Luckily for those of us who make our living online, affiliate

programs are the real deal and they’re helping to sell products

on all kinds of sites, from the smallest sole proprietorships to

the largest conglomerates.


People use affiliates because they’re a win-win situation for

all concerned; others promote your site and get a cut of each

sale and you get more sales overall.


Let’s say you sell cute products for pets on your website and

you also run a monthly ezine that features pet news and sales.

You want to increase your sales by letting your “affiliates”

promote your site. Job that pays me to work on my business



Here’s how it works…


  1. You sign up with an affiliate tracking program.


  1. You decide how much you’re going to pay your affiliates

for each sale; it could be a percentage or a straight figure, and

it can vary for each item.


  1. You work with the affiliate program to set up a system

tailored to your needs; for example, you may want to write the

checks to your affiliates yourself or you may want the affiliate

tracking company to write them.


  1. You design a page on your site and write a blurb for your

newsletter that describes how your affiliates can make money

promoting your site.


  1. You design some buttons, banners and text links that your

affiliates can use to promote your site.


  1. You sit back and wait for the affiliates to sign up and start

selling your products!


The tracking program takes care of the rest, and you or your

affiliates can look up your stats at any time.


So, how do you find affiliates? You have several options when

it comes to promoting your program.


  1. Your customer base: Your site and your newsletter are good

starting points, after all, these people already like your products.

Put a link on your homepage that says “Webmasters: Make

Money!” and talk up your affiliate program in the newsletter on

a regular basis, stressing that your affiliates can sign up for free

and start making money right away.


  1. Other businesses: Target business that, say, focus on pets, but

that are not your direct competition. Send an email to each

business inviting them to join and put “Affiliate invitation” in

the subject line of your email. Also mention each business

and/or business owner by name in the body of your message to

lessen the chances that it will be deleted as spam.


  1. Your friends and acquaintances. Come up with a short blurb

that talks about your affiliate program and ask everyone in your

address book to send it to everyone in their address book.


  1. Professionals: Veterinarians, breeders, etc. Anyone who

deals with pets is a potential affiliate.


Which program should you use?


There are so many affiliate programs that choosing one can be a

daunting task.


I use AffiliateTracking.net ( http://wetrack.it/az/af.cgi?36854 )

for all of my sites, mainly because their customer service and

support is phenomenal – they had my first affiliate program up

and running in just days – and they’re also very reasonably

priced. In addition, multiple sites can be promoted in the same

basic package; there’s no need to spend extra for every site.


No matter which company you go with, you could have others

promoting your site and making sales for you in just a couple

of days!