The bright side of being fired

Sigh Could getting the sack be the best thing for you? The answer is quite possibly, according to Financial Times blogger Luke Johnson in a recent post on the topic. The career of Steve Jobs is used as an example. The IT heavyweight has said being fired from Apple was “the best thing that could ever happen” to his career. Jobs claims the experience forced him to face new challenges elsewhere – most notably at the visionary Pixar Animation Studios – before returning to the Apple as a stronger leader. Don’t be ashamed of being fired the blog suggests; use it as a golden opportunity to grow as a professional, change careers or enjoy the freedom of self-employment. A reinvention for telemarketing Telemarketer Australia’s telemarketing industry is undergoing an image makeover in a bid to prove itself as a relevant communications channel, The Australian reports. The article profiles telemarketing guru Michelle Harrison who argues the one-on-one sales technique provides businesses with an invaluable form of exposure. According to Harrison, telemarketing is a highly effective communications channel because brand messages can be tailored to each consumer’s needs. Apparently the key to telemarketing success is getting the right people to do the job. Harrison says her company (which grew nine fold last financial year) only employs the best and pays them accordingly. ‘Pyro’ bosses need control Manic Managers who habitually panic over small problems can significantly reduce workplace productivity, according to a Fortune Small Business article on ‘workplace pyromaniacs’. The term workplace pyromaniac is used to describe bosses who waste time and resources by spending too much time on issues that seem urgent but are really not that important. It turns out technology is partly to blame. Many pyromaniac managers do more damage than good by blasting off impulsive emails to staff without thinking about the consequences of their demands. Sounds good? Do you want to buy 2023 Australian calendars? Order 2023 Australian calendars here. Behaviour experts say pyromaniac managers can help themselves by taking control of their impulses. This might include setting daily limits for emails or avoiding mobile devices outside of work hours. The perfect presentation Present Confused about what makes a good PowerPoint presentation? Business Week’s ‘Seven Keys to the Perfect Presentation’ may provide some clarity. In summary, these tips are: 1. Sketch it out first – if you’re using visual aids, do a sketch of all information first so you don’t overload screens with too much detail 2. One thing at a time – only feature one point or theme for each slide 3. Choose data carefully – just show your audience the data they need to see 4. Tell a story – have a beginning, middle and end for your presentation and don’t give away the ‘plot’ at the start 5. Don’t talk and show together – keep a balance between the delivery of verbal and visual information 6. Animate sparingly – overly fancy slides will detract from what you have to say 7. Be engaging – invite participation from the audience and make an impact after the presentation by giving people handouts… Read More