Betting on Love


According to a recent report on, the “complex love life of Jennifer Lopez has led bookmakers to give odds of 7/1 on her marrying and divorcing boyfriend Ben Affleck in 2004.”

Bokmakers Ladbrokes is also giving odds of 2/1 that Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz will wed, while Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s odds of marrying are 1/3.

Bets are also being taken on Rod Stewart stepping up the aisle with girlfriend Penny Lancaster at 5/4.

But there is little festive cheer for newlyweds Ulrika Johnsson and reality TV star husband Lance Gerard-Wright who have been given odds of 4/1 to divorce in 2004. The pair only got married in August.

And constant speculation about the marriage of Victoria and David Beckham has led to odds of 25/1 being given on their divorcing.

World Series of Poker to Come Back?

According to a report by Reuters, the famous World Series of Poker stands a chance of making a comeback after Harrah’s Entertainment bitcoin dice said it has reached an initial agreement to buy Binion’s Horseshoe Hotel & Casino and has plans to reopen the legendary Las Vegas casino as soon as possible.

erms of the proposed deal were not disclosed, although Harrah’s said it would assume the property’s liabilities.

Last week U.S. marshals raided the casino, closing the home of one of gambling’s great competitions, the World Series of Poker.

Marshals and agents of the Nevada Gaming Control Board entered the casino on Friday night armed with court orders to reclaim $1.9 million owed to creditors.

“The agreement in principle contemplates that Harrah’s will assume the property’s liabilities to bona fide creditors who submit verifiable evidence of claims,” Charles Atwood, Harrah’s Entertainment’s chief financial officer, said in a statement.

“We are also reviewing options with the casino’s owners for reopening the property as soon as practicable.”

The two sides need to complete a written agreement, and receive regulatory approval, before the deal can go through.

Founded in 1952 by cowboy Benny Binion, The Horseshoe quickly became one of the city’s highest-stake casinos.

It started the World Series of Poker in 1970 and takes credit for transforming the card game “from a kitchen-table pastime into an important casino game.”


Online Gambling To Lose in UK Reforms?


New gambling regulations could force interactive and online operators to move off-shore, MPs have been warned.

One industry leader told them that the draft Gambling Bill introduced “costly and onerous” regulation that would harm the industry and cost jobs.

A more positive approach might attract companies now based off-shore bringing up to 3,000 new jobs, he said.

The new bill will create a single regulator, the Gambling Commission, to cover all aspects of the industry.

But interactive operators fear rules that work for brick-and-mortar casinos may harm online, mobile and interactive-TV gambling.

Bill Haygarth, of the Association of British Bookmakers, said: “There’s nothing in the bill for the betting industry, apart from increased regulation and costs.

“Licenses would be needed for everything from large scale operators to backroom telephone betting businesses,” he told a pre-legislative committee scrutinising the bill.

“That could lead to betting companies moving off-shore … but if the government gets it right it could mean 3,000-plus jobs.”

Andrew Tottenham, chair of the Interactive Gambling, Gaming and Betting Association, said Mr Haygarth’s estimate for potential jobs might be too high.

“We’re optimistic that companies will come to the UK, but … jobs that would be brought here would be high-tech, high-skilled jobs,” he said.

Call centres and other less skilled jobs would probably remain overseas, although the benefit to consumers would still be substantial.

“At the moment, the consumer doesn’t care too much where the company is,” Mr Tottenham said. “They’ll use services based in Cuba, Panama, Curacao.

“It’s only when they don’t get paid that they start to worry about where it is.”

If the UK was a more attractive business place, more companies would be under British regulation, protecting consumers from unscrupulous operators, he said.

Mr Tottenham also said better regulation was needed to ensure “random number” software [used to power chance-based games like roulette] was not biased against the consumer.

It would be hugely beneficial to have a single regulator, but it needs to be able to apply a suitable regulatory bite.…

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SBOBET sports betting and gambling for monetary gains in Bitcoin Dice

SBOBET sports betting and gambling for monetary gains in Bitcoin Dice

People have always been very enthusiastic about games and sports. Game lovers are not only interested in playing and watching games, they are also interested in placing bets on those sport games. Several thousands of people involved in sports betting especially placing bets on the game football. SBOBET is an online platform that has been offering various opportunities for the gamblers to involve in gambling. Even though changes occur in the odds and strategies frequently, this sportsbook remains the best. SBOBET is a sportsbook or bookmaker that collects useful information that can help the players to make correct predictions. Instead of distressing about losing or winning the bet, players can focus on vast range of odds at sbobetonline. They may try their luck by placing bet on their favorite sport. Tough predictions can increase the enthusiasm of the players.

How to predict accurate outcome


SBOBET sports betting site is available in many languages. This is suitable for players across the globe. This sports betting site or sportsbook has been offering opportunities for players to place they bet using any currencies even international currencies. The wise players always read the current news and analyze the statistics to know about the probabilities of winning the game. The latest strategies and news about sports can help the bettors predict accurate outcome. There are several SBOBET agents that have been offering the best service to the players. These agents let the players to place bets on their favourite sports game. However, nothing can assure the results of the game and this makes the betting a thrilling activity. There is a group of people who consider betting site as the source of extra income. Highest payout is the feature that makes the sports betting site unique. The jackpot will be huge since there are several bettors around the globe. Thus, players can earn a fortune with an investment at the website on favourite games.

What can you expect from the best SBOBET AGENT?


The best online Bitcoin Dice and betting agent can sever a wide range of games to the gamblers. It should serve account for the best online casinos. The best agent will offer best service to the players. The customer service of the agent should be friendly, reliable and ready to serve for 24 hours on all day. Players should be easily deposit and withdraw money. The best sbobetonline agent can offer a safe, convenient and fast money transaction service to the gamblers. Since the ball games of sbobet have been very popular among the gamblers every agent has started to provide these games. Bettors can simply find the best agent, sign up and enjoy gambling. They can expect attractive bonus games from the best SBOBET agent. Players can also expect tips and strategies to place bets on right odds. Online search can help people to find the best gambling agent. They can compare the gambling features, payment methods and bonuses offered by some best agents. This will help them to take part in sports betting via the best SBOBET agent.

Emotional Mistakes that every gambler should avoid while betting on sports

Sports betting can be a good pastime for many sports fan. There are many who make good money in sports betting. But what seems glossy on top might not necessary be the equally glossy inside. There are many factors which we should consider while betting and that is the risk of incurring huge loss when we lose the bet. Sports is a game where one cannot be sure shot about the result, one can only predict but cannot always be hundred percent sure that their prediction regarding the game would always be right. It’s true that risk forms the crux of sports betting, however one can reduce the percentage of risk if they avoid some common mistakes while betting in sports.

The commonly seen emotional mistakes that can be avoided by people who bet on sports

A sport betting is a combination of risk and strategy, and if you understand and master these strategies, you can increase your chance of winning. However if you completely ignore the risk factor then you might end up losing your bet. Often people understand these factors but they think emotionally instead of thinking in a realistic way. They either get over confident or either they get too aggressive and bet, this might become a huge gambling mistake and you might lose your valuable money and your confidence both, so avoid making the mistake of getting over emotional while betting on sports. Some people bet while they are drunk, this again is huge risk, because often we are not in our senses when we are under strong influence of alcohol. So instead stay alert and avoid betting when you have hangover. While betting do not go for your favorite because the game goes by performance and not by teams. Two good teams can raise the standard of the game but end of the day there is only one winner, so avoid favoritism while betting. If you plan to bet on sports through internet sites, go for trusted sites like M88, to avoid getting victimized to various online gambling related frauds and scams.



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