One year after the first of seven Grand Casinos opened in Switzerland, help groups are warning of a steady rise in the number of gambling addicts.

They say many addicts run up debts of least SFr50,000 ($37,000) before seeking help.


The first new casino opened in the city of Lucerne last June and was followed by Bern, Baden, Lugano and Montreux. The final two – in Basel and St Gallen – are due to open later this year.


Operators of these so-called Class A casinos are under no obligation to impose an upper limit on bets placed at the tables.


Self-help groups say the launches coincided with an upturn in people seeking counselling to beat their addiction.


“In the second half of last year, we saw a significant rise in the number of enquiries relating to gambling addiction,” explains Heidi Fritschi, director of Berner Gesundheit, a counselling centre for gambling addicts in the Swiss capital.


Seeking help


Claudia Roth, one of Fritschi’s team of professionally-trained counsellors, told swissinfo it was still too early to tell whether the increase could be directly attributed to the opening last July of Bern’s new Grand Casino.


But she made it clear that the centre is working closely with casino managers to ensure that addicts seek help before it is too late.


“We have an agreement with the casino [in Bern] that if they notice someone in trouble at the tables, trained staff will go up to this person, and put them in touch with us,” Roth told swissinfo.


“But they only come if they want to be helped. Mostly we find that people don’t recognise they’re addicted.” Barred


All our staff are trained to watch out for customers who get into trouble.

Stefan Harra, Bern Casino director

Legislation drawn up by the Federal Gaming Board stipulates that all casinos awarded a Class A licence must do all they can to prevent gamblers playing above their means.

The board can impose fines of up to SFr500,000 on operators who do not abide by the rules and let someone who has been barred from playing return to the tables.


Stefan Harra, director of the Grand Casino in Bern, told swissinfo his staff are trained to watch out for customers who get into trouble.


“It’s simply not in our long-term interest to let addicts play in our Poker Online casino,” Harra says.


Gambling debts


But Roth believes many addicts fall through the legal safety net and are left to play until they run out of money, with only a few finding their way to self-help groups.


“The people who do make it here know they have to stop in their minds, but they don’t really feel like doing so,” Roth explains. “So my task is to motivate them.”


Most of those who seek help, adds Roth, have already run up debts of least SFr50,000 by the time they arrive for the first session of counselling.


“It’s very important to work with them to manage their finances, because they need to have a sense that the debt can be reduced.”


“Many people are desperate, some are suicidal, because they’ve lost their jobs and relationships and they have no prospects for the future.”


Many gamblers are desperate, some are suicidal

Claudia Roth, counsellor

Reformed addict

One of Roth’s clients at the counselling centre is “Andreas” (whose name has been changed to protect his identity), a 46-year-old reformed addict from Bern, who ran up hundreds of thousands of francs in debts.


Andreas told swissinfo he began by spending “small change, something like twenty to fifty francs” in slot machines, but soon became addicted to more high-stakes gambling, regularly spending SFr6000 in a single night at the tables.


“It got to the stage when I couldn’t walk out of the house with any money in my pocket, because…after a couple of minutes, all I would be able to think about would be when I could go and play,” he recalls.


“I realised I had a serious problem and this wasn’t good for my family life. They saw that I couldn’t handle it and that the problem was bigger than me.”


Andreas is not alone: the Swiss Casinos Social Advisory Board – a body funded by casino operators – estimates that between 10,000 and 20,000 people in Switzerland are addicted to gambling.


According to the Lucerne-based self-help centre, Careplay, an overwhelming majority of addicts are male.


Families suffer


Roth points out that close family members also suffer the consequences of a gambler’s addiction.


“Sometimes, I have wives of addicts who come to me and say they have nothing left in their cupboards to eat and they don’t even have enough money to pay for rent, health insurance and food.”


Andreas says he has now beaten his addiction and that he is no longer attracted to the high-stakes gambling opportunities on offer inside Switzerland’s new breed of Grand Casinos.


“It’s just you against the system inside the slot machine,” he explains. “In the beginning, you think you can beat it – I was standing in front of it saying, ‘I’ll show you’.”


“But I realised that in the end, it’s the system that always wins.”






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Edmond Hoyle was the article writer of rules in addition to perform of card games. He lived in between 1672 : 1769. The phrase “according to Hoyle” came straight into the vocabulary as a reflection of this perceived authority on the subject involving the principles of card games, and is in addition applied now in reference to help poker online. But was this individual as much of the authority as many persons believed him to become?

Hoyle wrote the small publication on five various games. They were guaranteed together into one volume inside of 1746. This was the first edition of “Hoyle’s Games”. Within a year, plagiarists were putting Hoyle’s brand on other books that gave rules and advice on other games. By way of the finish of the 19th century, many such ebooks had came out. They have been different books by means of various authors, nevertheless them all experienced Edmond Hoyle’s brand since the author. Into the particular twentieth century, it has continued. Each few years, there is a further released book “by Hoyle” upon the market.

So of course, stealing ideas, making a benefit off of someone else’s work (name), together with contortion of facts have been with us since before the US has existed, but returning to Hoyle and his function in the world of gambling and exclusively the game of holdem poker.

In a current book about Poker, the author criticized “Hoyle’s laws”. The publisher, anxious that Mr. Hoyle would certainly sue, melted the develop of the encounter. Hoyle himself past away 50 years in advance of Online poker was actually invented. Although this author was certainly not the only individual who still believed of which Hoyle is still well today.

The managing editing tool of an Reno newspaper, as soon as requested what rules were appearing followed in this Nevada gaming houses, answered, “Hoyle was out the following and put the policies at his book”. So not just was Hoyle dead ahead of Thomas Jefferson signed the valuable Louisiana Purchase with Portugal, nevertheless he also past away 50 years before Online poker had been even invented.

So your “experts” in this world of Poker and Gambling, who write books and articles about typically the guidelines and the field, are not resistant to believing that Hoyle had been “more than a man”. Yet they might turn out to be quoting coming from any connected with hundreds of “Hoyle” ebooks, of which at the very least ten different styles are still on sale. But, Edmond Hoyle himself by no means had written a word of any kind of of them.

Amid freelance writers on games that realize all about the Hoyle history, the stature of the immortal Hoyle is enormous. The worthiest successor to be able to Edmond Hoyle, over a period of time that stretched by 1880 into the 1920s, was the aged Scotsman R. Y. Foster. Break tried to sell his or her book under the name “Encyclopedia connected with Games”. As soon as the book was obviously a washout, they changed the book to “Hoyle” as well as book was a success.

So the next time that an individual are playing Poker, seldom forget to thank your own personal dealer and of training course thank Hoyle. The truth that he basically has no connection to Poker is irrelevant. Just experience fun, and revel in your sport.


The first book of which Hoyle published was within the rules of whist. Whist is a classic Uk trick-taking card game. Even though rules are simple, that is played on scientific principles.

When you are interested within the rules of whist, you can look them up on the Whist Wikipedia article or the Guttenberg. org web page, “Hoyle’s Video games Modernized” by way of Professor Hoffmann plus Edmond Hoyle.


Here i will discuss a list connected with everything that really was published by Hoyle.

A shorter Treatise on the Activity regarding Whist, 1742

A new Short Treatise on the particular Game of Jacquet, 1743

An Unnatural Memory space intended for Whist, 1744

A quick Treatise on the Game connected with Piquet, 1744

An Article Towards Making the Activity regarding Chess Easily Mastered, 1744

A Short Treatise on the Game regarding Quadrille, 1745

Mister. Hoyle’s Treatises of Whist, Quadrille, Piquet, Chess and even Back-Gammon, 1748

A Short Treatise on the Game regarding Brag, 1751…

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