Its that sanghoki time of year again!


With the 2007 World Series of Poker just around the corner we have kicked off the excitement with our first sanghoki Satellite.

Our first player to win his way to this years WSOP is Mugs59. Hailing from Fenton Missouri Mugs beat out a field of 74 to get his hands on our first WSOP package of the year and ensure his place in this years Main Event.

Runner up, ‘Fallin’ had to feel hard done buy when his pocket kings went up against A-7 only to have the board flush. He kept battling but it all came to an end a few hands later. Mugs59 raised with K-7 all hearts and was re-raised all in by Fallin with A-5 all spades. A diamonds and clubs flop of 7-A-T put Fallin in front, with both players making a pair, and killing off any flush possibilities. The turn was a crushing blow though, it delivered a king and with a blank card on the river Fallin was our runner up, and Mugs59 was on his way to the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Keep your eye out for more WSOP promotions and you could win your own place in the WSOP Main Event.

$20,000 Sunday Guaranteed

If live tourneys arent your thing, dont forget about the cash on offer in our $20,000 Sunday Guaranteed. I was talking about how great the starting EV was a few weeks back when we had about 290 people playing in the 20k, the last 2 weeks there have only been 245!!!! Now thats some great value!

This weeks big winner was crACEy, and with a mixture of aggressive play (and maybe a little luck) he really dominated the closing stages of the tournament. So much so that we went from have 4 players still in it, to it be all over in just 5 hands!

First up for elimination was Bikini, he made a move preflop with 8-J only to run into crACEy’s A-K. A lonely pair on the board saw the high card win.

Next up was Keokiw, he got into a preflop raising war with crACEy that saw them both all in preflop, with Keokiw’s Q-K facing off against crACEy’s A-7. A flop of 7-Q-J saw Keokiw hit the lead with the higher pair, and that didnt change with another jack on the turn, giving him the higher 2 pair. This is where you might say crACEy got a little lucky, he had 5 outs to win this hand, he needed an ace or a 7 on the river to win the hand. The dealer delivered the 7 and we had heads up.

Heads up lasted a grand total of 2 hands, the first hand bigjoo101 took down pushing all in at the flop without a call. The next hand will probably give bigjoo101 nightmares for a while.

Dealt pocket kings in the big blind bigjoo raised the limping crACEy and was called with crACEy needing a lot of help with his T-3 all hearts.

Looking to mix it up on the flop bigjoo check raised with his kings looking good on a Q-5-2 flop. With two hearts on the board there was a flush draw out there, and crACEy took a gamble on his two low hearts connecting on just that outcome and pushed all in. Feeling his Kings were still out in front bigjoo made the call. With the cards face up knew crACEy needed either a heart or a runner-runner finish to win the hand, unfortunatly for him the turn delivered that heart completling crACEy’s flush. Holding the king of hearts bigjoo wasnt completely out of it, now it was his turn to chase the miracle card, sadly for him the tourney was all out of miracles and with a blank on the river crACEy was $5,400 richer in first place, and bigjoo101 had to settle for $3,600 in second place.

Get your piece of this great EV next week and every week with our Sunday $20,000 Guaranteed!…

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