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PR Studio has achieved phenomenal growth and penetration among brand advertisers since we launched in 2005 and is a Top 10 Media Property in the US.* We are number one for Lifestyle* worldwide and hold the first or second position in style in almost every market we’ve entered. This has enabled us to attract 89 of the Ad Age 2011 top 100 advertisers since our inception.


A Social Content Platform Where Brands Engage Consumers


Great brand advertisers are great brand storytellers. PR Studio offers brand advertisers a social content platform where they can engage with consumers. And we are experts at delivering the right audience in the right context, making your brand resonate. It’s a unique opportunity to leverage best-in-class lifestyle content on a socially activated platform and have your consumers participate directly with your brand story. It’s like having a dedicated editorial team working for you.


Global Coverage Like No Other


Our solution is global in scale, but local in voice, look and feel. PR Studio partners with local Content Creators in more than 10 countries around the world who write with an authenticity and passion that can elegantly incorporate brand stories. Their unique perspectives and influential voices deliver a shared personal experience that attracts a loyal and engaged audience, wherever they are.


PR Studio Brand Advertising is Emotive


PR Studio advertising lets consumers discover, share and connect with what they love while delivering the emotion of print and tv on any digital platform whether pc, tablet or smartphone. We do not offer search, direct response, remnant or any “hit-the-monkey” types of ads. In turn, brands stick with PR Studio because of our ability to deliver their brand message to a large audience in an environment of curated, contextual content.


We believe the success and growth of the PR Studio ecosystem depends on continuous product innovation and a highly scalable technology that serves consumers, content creators and brand advertisers. PR Studio’s fully integrated, proprietary technology platform scales massively across our product offerings, infrastructure and application layers enabling us to quickly and efficiently expand our ecosystem to new verticals, geographies and delivery platforms such as smartphones, video and tablets. This differentiates PR Studio in the marketplace as we can enter new markets and verticals quickly. Our recent acquisition of Ning has provided PR Studio with a social networking platform to supplement our consumer, creator and brand advertising products.


We have five major product lines for PR for studios:


PR Studio Brand Ads Platform (PR StudioAdapt): delivers premium ads on 4000+ web sites, mobile devices and video for brands and agencies.


PR Studio Ad Products (PR StudioSplash): offer brands a portfolio of innovative ad formats and user engagement tools


PR Studio Consumer Products (PR StudioHubs): provide next-generation vertical social sites and applications for users to engage dynamically.


PR Studio Content Platform (PR StudioStudio): offers essential content products for digital authors to develop, curate and submit content.


PR Studio Social Platform (Ning): enables building vertical social networks for social creators and contributors on Ning-related sites or on PR Studio’s hub social sites like