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How does Enterprise Headless Ecommerce differ from Traditional Ecommerce?


Monolithic architectures are the traditional ecommerce architecture. Monolithic platforms function as pillars. They combine multiple components into one code base. The code base contains all the necessary components, including the database layer and business logic.


The front-end presentation layer of a monolithic architecture is tightly linked to the back end components. These components include services such as inventory management and payment authorization. All changes to the presentation layer of an ecommerce site must be replicated across the whole architecture. Simple content changes and UX/UI improvements, such as putting up a promotional banner, require coordination between both the front-end and backend teams. This can lead to significant development time and effort.


Traditional ecommerce platforms do not allow for much flexibility in order to make sure other content forms or channels are compatible with the back end commerce layer. Headless ecommerce architectures allow for complete flexibility in commerce, allowing brands to deliver exceptional customer experiences across touchpoints. Check out The store for literally anything



Enterprise Headless Ecommerce


Due to their age and large size, ecommerce company companies are more likely operate with legacy technologies. Enterprises may find it difficult to adapt to changing customer behavior and make improvements in order to increase their efficiency. This is especially true in an environment that requires more flexible startups to stay competitive.


For enterprise ecommerce to succeed, they must be flexible and responsive. However, there are many things that can stop enterprises being agile and flexible. Ecommerce success is not easy for enterprises due to the legacy technology burden or inefficiencies caused by bureaucracy. If they’re willing, however, to make the leap, enterprises could reap the rewards of an ecommerce approach that is headless. Let’s take an in-depth look at how headless ecommerce can help enterprises.