toto sgp 2005 – July 6th, by Peter CostaSeventeen of us returned for the climax of the $10,000 PLO event. I was in action on the first hand when the low chips (10K) moved all-in. On the BB, I had an easy call to make for another 6K with J-J-7-6. With a board of 3-3-8 and another three on the turn – my opponent was drawing dead on the river. – good start!


The second hand I played mystified me somewhat – having raised to12K with Ad-9d-Kh-8h -Todd Brunson decides to go all-in for another 17K with 9-J-Q-K (I think it was rainbow). Holding around 135K at the time – it was plainly obvious to Todd that there would be now way that I would be folding to the re-raise. Having played with Todd many times in the last year – I was surprised that he would commit with such a hand in that spot. He is normally far more selective as to when he goes all-in. Anyhow – of course I lost the hand (hence the moan) and was back to square one.


With no leeway – the next hand I played would prove crucial to my chances in winning this event. Having tip-toed my way through the first two days – each hand now needed major commitment. Well, I could not have asked for a better spot when I got involved with Vinnie Vinh. With a flop of Kd-Td-6s and holding Ks-Tc-Ad-4d – I was in great shape when Vinnie called my bet on the flop. His hand of Qd-Q-6d-5 – was drawing to just four outs. Another six hit and I was suddenly the low stack with just 7K. Even though I increased this to 66K – I could not complete the fight-back and got busted in 12th place.


It has been an incredible tough few weeks here at the Rio. Having made so many late nights – I am really looking forward to a few days rest before the big one.


Overall, I’m very pleased at how I have played. My four cashes (one final table) have gone some way in reflecting the focus and energy that I put into the game. And though I am disappointed that I bubbled close to several other cashes – I cannot have too many complaints. Anyway – we still have the biggie to come!


Until next time – play well, get lucky and give them no outs at all!


Poker Plex Contenders Set to Play at WSOP Main Event


The 2005 Caribbean Poker Classic runs from November 26th until December 3rd( July 7, 2005 ) The challenge is on and the contenders are raring to go; successful online poker room operator Poker Plex will see one of its key players participating in the World Poker Series (WSOP) Main Event, having taken part in qualifying tournaments at Henrik Witten secured a prized seat at the Tournament as well as a $2000 travel allowance and 9 night’s accommodation at the extravagant Rio All Suite Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas.


Poker Plex will also be sponsoring the following poker players Peter Costa, Jeppe Mikkelsen and Henning Bolstad who will all accompany Witten to the Event.


The 2005 Caribbean Poker ClassicThe Main Event is scheduled to take place from 7 – 11 July 2005 giving determined poker players a chance to compete for a heavy-weight cash prize now standing at upwards of $40,000,000. The buy-in for the No-limit Texas Hold’em Main Event is set at $10,000 with an estimated 5000 participants expected to play down to just 200-400.


Poker Plex would like to wish its team members continued success and the best of luck in scooping the multi-million dollar cash prize.


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